Nevaeh is a 1st-grade student at Canton Elementary School and is in Mrs. Lide's class. She is the daughter of Dustin Busby and Catherine Lane. Nevaeh's favorite subject is art and reading and would be interested in becoming a doctor once she graduates from school. An activity that she likes to be involved in at school is swinging on the playground. Hobbies that Nevaeh is involved in are reading, playing outside, and playing school. Something interesting about Nevaeh that people may not know is that she likes to do chores with her mom. Her favorite chore is doing dishes.
Mrs. Lamar, Canton Elementary School Principal, adds that Nevaeh has made so much progress this year and is so motivated to read. Her goal is to be a reader with the most AR points in her class. CES loves that Nevaeh sets goals for her self. Mrs. Lide talks about how Nevaeh likes to help others. She has a kind heart and brings others so much joy.