Esmeralda is a 1st-grade student at Canton Elementary School and is in Mrs. Boggs class. she is the daughter of Miguel and Maria Lopez. Esmeralda's favorite subjects are music/art.and would be interested in becoming an artist that draws pictures for books when she graduates from school. Hobbies that Esmeralda enjoys are playing tag and hide-n-seek with her sisters. Something interesting about Esmeralda that people may not know is that she has a lot of cats and dogs. Macaroni and Ravioli are her cats, and Levi, Bentley, and Honey are her dogs. 
Mrs. Lamar, Principal at Canton Elementary School adds that Esi is a leader at CES. She is always kind and respectful to her classmates, friends, and teachers. Esi works hard and makes good grades. She soars at CES every day. Her smile brightens up the school.