Superintendent's Message

To the community of Canton ISD:
       Exciting days are ahead for Canton ISD!  The fall semester is upon us and the Board has opened the search for a new superintendent.  It has been a fantastic opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Canton legends like Mr. Davis and Mr. Tullos for a few months.
       The next superintendent will face their own challenges and blaze trails of their own making all for the benefit of the next generations of Canton students.
       The Board needs your help in making the right decision to find the best “fit” for Canton.  Go to the “Canton ISD Superintendent Search and Survey” on this webpage and complete the survey.  This anonymous survey will help the board in developing the profile and match candidates for that best “fit”.
       Also, if you think of anyone who might be the right person, let Dr. Russell Marshall 903-237-8154 or myself (903-746-4392) know who that person is. Or tell them to go to and apply.
       Applications close on September 13.  The target date for the new person to be on board could be as early as late November. 
       It is a privilege and honor to be in Canton ISD during this period between Mr. Jay Tullos and the next superintendent.    
       When you get a chance, I would love to meet you.  Stop by the admin building, say hello and let me know what is on your mind.
       Let’s “… bring on the sunshine.”