Superintendent's Message

To the community of Canton ISD:
       It is a privilege and honor to be in Canton ISD during this period between Mr. Jay Tullos and the next superintendent.    
       As I told the CISD staff recently, I am taking George Strait’s lyrics seriously when he sings, “I ain’t here for a long time; I’m here for a good time so bring on some sunshine…”  
       You already know that Canton is a unique community and Canton ISD is a special place. Over the years, the hard work of dedicated staff along with the leadership of former superintendents Larry Davis and Jay Tullos have put Canton on the educational map in Texas, something for which everyone can be proud.   
As we begin the summer break, remember that the work teachers do is never-ending. Sure, they typically are paid to work for 187 days out of 365, but those are not typical 9 to 5 jobs. Grading “papers”, planning for the next day, next week, attending daily grade-level and/or subject area team meetings, tutorials, etc. are all part of the usual routine of that 187 days. And during the summer when they are not being paid, there is more. This video provides a glimpse into the world of a teacher at this time of year.
Education of ALL our children is a never-ending job.  Those people who get into education because they think it is an easy job, usually don’t last very long when reality sets in.  Those who stay see their efforts as far more than a “job” but a true “calling.” 
       And those individuals leave their mark on the future by becoming a very important person in the lives of children.  Most of us can remember the names and faces of those very special teachers who impacted our lives. 
       As the 2019 school year ends a little differently, the board of trustees will begin the process of searching for a new superintendent later this summer.  As that time approaches, I will have more to share with you about the timeline and the process.
       But as for now, there is no rush.  The board wants to take their time to find the right “fit” for the superintendent’s chair. 
       In the short time I have been here, nothing that “needs to be fixed” has jumped out at me.  What I do see is a board focused on kids, carefully watching your $$$ and moving the district in a positive direction.  And most importantly, I see a team of strong campus principals, counselors, nurses, librarians, and auxiliary staff who support energetic and dedicated teachers.  Everyone is doing a magnificent job for ALL Canton students.
       When you get a chance, I would love to meet you.  Stop by the admin building, say hello and let me know what is on your mind.
       Let’s “… bring on the sunshine.”