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Financial Transparency

The staff here at Canton ISD strives for perfection and good stewardship while still meeting the objectives set for us by the Board of Trustees.  In the interest of public scrutiny, we welcome you to view these primary financial documents:
DISTRICT AUDITS:                                                                ENERGY USAGE:
2005-06 Audit Report                                                                2013 Energy Usage
2006-07 Audit Report                                                                2014 Energy Usage
2007-08 Audit Report                                                                2015 Energy Usage
2008-09 Audit Report                                                                2016 Energy Usage
2010-11 Audit Report                                                               LANDOWNERS BILL OF RIGHTS
2012-13 Audit Report                                                                2017 Energy Usage
2016-17 Audit Report
CHECK REGISTERS:                                                            TAX RATE RESOLUTION:
2008-09 Check Register                                                        2008-09 Tax Rate Resolution                                      2009-10 Check Register                                                        2009-10 Tax Rate Resolution
2010-11 Check Register                                                        2010-11 Tax Rate Resolution
2011-12 Check Register                                                        2011-12 Tax Rate Resolution                                 
2012-13 Check Register                                                        2012-13 Tax Rate Resolution
2013-14 Check Register                                                        2013-14 Tax Rate Resolution
2014-15 Check Register                                                        2014-15 Tax Rate Resolution
2015-16 Check Register                                                        2015-16 Tax Rate Resolution
2016-17 Check Register                                                        2016-17 Tax Rate Resolution
ADOPTED BUDGETS:                                                          FIRST RATING:      2016-17 Report based on 2015-16 Date
Canton ISD Adopted a Tax Rate that will Raise More Taxes for Maintenance and Operations than Last Year's Rate.